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Order methocarbamol online, online. Use in a hospital, on or hospital. This is something we have heard and are continuing to hear in South Florida. It comes several forms and it's in the form of a spray which is very easy to buy online, but unfortunately it's not always easy to store, which I hope they've started to do, but that hasn't begun to go into hospitals yet. And on the other end it's a pill which is that has to be refilled every 7 days, and in other states that will be one of the methocarbamol order online first signs. So it's very difficult to get any treatment available. This has been very methocarbamol 500 mg oral tab frustrating, the difficulty in getting drug available and we need better management with pharmacists and physicians. we're hoping that you can talk to your legislators and call them directly to raise awareness on the issue because it's very important. (CROSSTALK) UNIDENTIFIED MAN: What do they say? Can we get information on when and where, why? We just need to see better communications from the best online pharmacy viagra canada FDA as to what's going on. So many patients across South Florida. UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: What has happened, the hospitals, hospitals are already running out of the drug. Mr. TURNER: Right. I'm sorry. But I just want to say, that was my first name first. UNIDENTIFIED MAN: We understand that they, we've seen it, we hear it. And if-- Mr. TURNER: I say we. And let's stop for just a minute, let's let the hospitals continue talking about all the patients that are having seizures when -- Ms. STUART: They do have good news though. It was just last year when I was there. That came-- Mr. TURNER: Yeah. Ms. STUART: --in to save the lives of some patients. Mr. TURNER: Yeah, but it was five pharmacies and maybe one of them had an emergency supply, which it was going to because they have in the past, when it looked like they were going to run out of time, and it can take a while to-- Ms. STUART: It didn't really cost us anything, but it helped. And, and we started a patient advocacy group here and, you know, our story of how hospitals are in pain can be the next step in people understanding the need here in South Florida to get methcobamol, keep them on the drugs, and that it needs to be a priority because these patients, when they are on these drugs, not, they just feel better and don't go to hospitals that are having great problems, either. So we want to make sure, our health officials, congresspeople understand the urgency of this. Mr. TURNER: So just to recap this, this is not available on the shelves yet. It's not being given to hospitals. It's available online. We are finding out-- Ms. STUART: Yeah. Mr. TURNER: --and this is not only people with cancer are having seizures on the drugs because, there's not much side effects on these drugs, which makes the difference especially when you're talking to cancer patients, all right. And it's this-- UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Well you should probably know something, but, you know, this, that were just saying, because the hospital did ask me to step out right now and leave because if I'm talking to you. They, you know the problem, is that they need it more than any of us. UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: I think the big issue is fact that it doesn't exist in the hospitals. I would suggest that there needs to be some push from the manufacturers and need to do more, which is get it in to the hospitals, which they can do. UNIDENTIFIED MAN: But, Ms. Starr, the issue needs to be in the hands of manufacturer who then has to-- Ms. STUART: Yeah but, you know, heard it, I it as well. Mr. TURNER: Yes but-- Ms. STUART: Right so-- (inaudible). (Ms. STUART) Well the issue.

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